Contact: [email protected]

This benchmark is managed by Sidy Ndiongue of Cd3dtech


Welcome to the blender render benchmark


Welcome to the blender render benchmark. The scene can be obtained at http://www.benchmark.cd3dtech.com/benchmark.zip. The scene is the picture above. If you would like to have your 3d model used as a benchmark email me at [email protected]

How to use the benchmark

1. Find your graphic card name
2. Save ,open and render the scene
3. Record the time
4. Send a email at [email protected] with this format:
Subjet: Blender Benchmark
Gpu Name:
Render Time:
Cuda Cores:
Blender Version:
5. Wait for your result to appear. The results are added manually so it should take a while. Do not add the cost on to your email. And be honest in your results.

Use of information