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This benchmark is managed by Sidy Ndiongue of Cd3dtech

Frequently Asked Questions

He are some questions and answers. You can get one added by contacting [email protected]

Q: How to read benchmark times?
A: Here is an example on how to read times.

01:15:31:07   dd:hh:ss:mm

From left to right. The 1 means hours, than minutes , than seconds than milliseconds.

Q: What is the benchmark?
A: The benchmark is made to compare the performane on different gpus in blender.

Q: Where can I obtain the scene
A: The url is

Q: How do you use the benchmark?
A: You can follow these instructions

1. Find your graphic name
2. Open and render the scene
3. Record the time
4. Send a email at [email protected]
Here is a example
Subjet: Blender Benchmark
Gpu: Evga 550ti 2GB
Version: 2.61.0
5. Wait! The results are added manually so it should take a while. Do not add price fields to your email.

Or get video instructions at

Q: Can this information be published?
A: Yes , we prefer that you credit us but this is not obligated.

Q: Help I don't know how to use blender!
A: You can visit Cd3dtech for tutorials

Q: Does the benchmark support mutliple gpu's?
A: The becnhmark does not support mutliple gpu's yet because cycles it self does not support this feature yet.